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Scientific-technical journal
Questions of atomic science and technics.
Series: Physics of radiation effects on radio-electronic equipment

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments (RISI)

ISSN 1997-2830

Registration certificate PI FS77-28566
Registered in Federal service for supervision of legislation in mass communications and cultural heritage protection

Published since 1990


  • External radiation operating conditions of products of electronics and radio-electronic equipment
  • Radiation and electromagnetic effects in radioelectronics, parameters degradation, failures, single failures
  • Assessment and support of radiation resistance and reliability of products of electronics, radio-electronic equipment, radio engineering materials, including materials of space assignment
  • Calculation methods of determination of radiation resistance of products
  • Test installations and accelerators, dosimetric and metrological following of tests

Ulimov Victor Nikolaevich - Dr.Sci.Tech., professor, the deputy director for science of Research Institute of Scientific Instruments (RISI)

Editorial board
Gerasimov Vladimir Fedorovich - Cand.Sci.Tech., Branch of State-owned Federal State Institution 46 Central Research Institute RF Ministry of Defence
Gontar Vadim Vasilyevich - Dr.Sci.Tech., State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom
Grunin Anatoly Vasilyevich - Cand.Phys.-Math.Sci., FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF
Zinchenko Vladimir Fedorovich - Dr.Phys.-Math.Sci., RISI
Nozdrachev Stanislav Yuryevich - Cand.Tech.Sci., RISI
Pershenkov Vyacheslav Sergeyevich - Dr.Sci.Tech., professor, NRNI MEPHI
Skorobogatov Petr Konstantinovich - Dr.Sci.Tech., professor, JSC ENPO SPELS
Tapero Konstantin Ivanovich - Cand.Phys.-Math.Sci., RISI
Uzhegov Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich - Cand.Tech.Sci., FSUE TSNIImash
Chlenov Alexander Mikhaylovich - Cand.Tech.Sci., the director of RISI

Edition address
140080, Moscow region, Lytkarino, Turaevo, 8, FSUE NIIP
Phone 8-495-552-39-77, ext. 109
Fax 8-495-552-39-40

Ulimova Natalya NVUlimova@niipribor.ru
Petrova Ekaterina ESPetrova@niipribor.ru
Kucheryavaya Elena esk@niipribor.ru

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