The ethical code of scientific-technical journal «Questions of atomic science and technics. Series: Physics of radiation effects on radio-electronic equipment» represents the set of rules on which relations of authors, editors and reviewers at consideration and publication of articles are built. Observance of ethical rules by all participants of this process promotes ensuring the rights of authors for intellectual property, to improvement the quality of title in the opinion of professional society and to an exception of possibility of illegal use of authors' materials in interests of individuals. By development of the principles of editorial ethics editorial office of magazine was guided by recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and experience of other titles. Editorial board support this policy directed on observance of the principles of publishing ethics and recognizes that it is one of the main components of reviewing and edition of magazine. Ethical rules and norms correspond accepted by the leading international scientific publishing houses. Observance of ethical standards and rules is obligatory for all participants of publication of scientific materials: authors, reviewers, members of editorial board, editors and staff of publishing house.
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