Reviewing order

Received papers are necessarily reviewed for expert evaluation.

The journal has established the two-sided blind (anonymous) review:

  • the personal data of the author / authors does not disclose to the reviewer;
  • the personal data of the reviewer does not disclose to the author / authors.

The papers received from the authors undergo primary monitoring for completeness and correctness of registration in accordance to the Rules for sending papers.

The primary expert assessment of a scientific paper is carried out by the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief.

After the expert evaluation of a scientific paper the reviewer can:

  • recommend the paper for publication;
  • recommend the paper for publication after revision, taking into account the comments;
  • do not recommend the paper for publication.

A copy of the review (or a reasoned refusal of publishing the paper) is sent to the author. If the review contains recommendations for correcting and finalizing the paper, the author is invited to take them into account or argue with arguments.

The article (revised) by the author can be re-directed for review.

The final decision of the possibility of publishing the paper in the journal is taken by the editorial board.

Original reviews are stored in the editorial board for five years. At the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, reviews are compulsorily submitted to the Higher Attestation Commission and / or the Ministry.

Not subject to compulsory review are:

– interviews and reports from round tables, conferences, etc .;
– informational and advertising messages and announcements.

The next issue of the journal includes papers, at which there are recommending publication reviews by the time the layout begins.

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