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Analytical model of ionization transient in silicon bipolar thin-base transistors at photon pulse radiation

A.S. Puzanov, S.V. Obolensky

The analytical model of ionization transient in bipolar thin-base transistors at photon radiation taking into account the ballistic limit of minority carrier speed is offered. It is theoretically shown that with reduction of base thickness the dependence of ionization current amplitude on diffusion coefficient disappears.
Keywords: bipolar transistor, ballistic carrier transport.
Singularities of the analysis of capacitance-voltage characteristics of Schottky transistors at estimation of radiation resistance level

E.S. Obolenskaya, E.A. Tarasova, S.V. Obolensky

The measuring procedure and the analysis of capacitance-voltage characteristics of Schottky field transistors are offered. On received data the donor concentration profile in transistor channel with use of two-dimensional model is calculated. The donor concentration profile after influence of the factor 7.И1 is calculated.
Keywords: field transistor, capacitance-voltage characteristic, donor concentration profile, radiation resistance.
Thermal model of powerful field transistors

E.A. Tarasova, E.S. Obolenskaya, S.V. Obolensky

The analytical model of calculation of transistor thermal parameters is offered. The radiation resistance of powerful microwave Schottky transistor is simulated.
Keywords: field transistor, thermal fields, analytical model.
Thermal model of powerful field transistors

E.A. Tarasova, E.S. Obolenskaya, S.V. Obolensky

The analytical model of calculation of transistor thermal parameters is offered. The radiation resistance of powerful microwave Schottky transistor is simulated.
Keywords: field transistor, thermal fields, analytical model.
Simulation of low-intensity ionizing radiation influence on semiconductor electronics by means of high-intensity ionizing radiation

V.I. Vanin

The methods of simulation of low-intensity ionizing radiation influence on products of semiconductor electronics by technique of single and repeated cycling «radiation-annealing» are considered. The experimental-calculated determination of parameters of acting factors in these methods is offered.
Keywords: ionizing radiation, failure dose, radiation defects.
About model of linear energy transfer of ions at discussion of radiation single effects in electronic component base

A.G. Kadmensky, L.P. Stepanenkova, N.G. Chechenin

The nature of restrictions of linear energy transfer concept at radiation single effects in elements of electronic component base of onboard equipment, including effects of nuclear responses and semiconductor crystallinity is considered.
Keywords: LET-conception, radiation single effects, electronic component base, spacecraft.
Estimation of lifetime of microcontrollers ATmega128 at joint dose and temperature influences

V.S. Anashin, P.A. Chubunov, N.G. Radovsky, I.I. Shagurin, A.V. Lebedev, V.N. Surnin, A.A. Romanenko

For estimation of lifetime of microcontrollers ATmega128 as a part of electronic equipment of spacecrafts they were radiation tested on the created JSC «НИИ КП» test bench on the basis of simulating installations of RISI (Lytkarino). In this test cycle also joint influence of temperature and ionizing radiation on microcontroller operability was researched.
Keywords: microcontroller, electrical mode, tests.
Optical response of laser diodes on pulse radiation

V.P. Shukaylo, O.V. Tkachev, S.M. Dubrovskih, N.V. Basargina, I.V. Vorozhtsova

The research of characteristics of the semiconductor laser diodes executed on the basis of GaAs and GaN direct during the moment and after influence of gamma and neutron pulse of reactor EBR-L is resulted.
Keywords: laser diode, reactor, gamma and neutron radiation, research.
Determination of reliability parameters of CMOS IC after low-intensity radiation

V.D. Popov, Chzho Co Vin, P.A. Chubunov

The experimental results of radiation tests are provided, and the change of reliability parameters of CMOS IC after low-intensity influence of ionizing radiation is estimated.
Keywords: CMOS IC, low-intensity ionizing radiation, reliability parameters, ring oscillators.
Beta-voltaic supply element on the basis of isotope 63Ni

E.S. Pchelintseva, B.M. Kostishko, V.V. Svetukhin, V.M. Radchenko, V.D. Risovany

The beta-voltaic effect of silicon p-i-n-structures on the basis of isotope 63Ni of different activity is experimental and theoretical researched. The model of beta-voltaic supply element, considering processes of generation, recombination, and also diffusion and drift transfer in area of space charge is created. Comparing of experimental data and numerical calculations confirms the reliability of model at radiation by electrons of average energies from 5 to 40 keV. For increase in current of generation at surface of silicon diodes was put phosphor ZnS alloyed by copper with concentration of 0,1-1 %. Experimentally it is proved that use of phosphor doesn\´t increase in current generation.
Keywords: beta-voltaic effect, radiation-enhanced current generation, radioisotopes, microelectromechanical systems.
Methodical bases of creation the model «striking action – resistance»

N.G. Buromensky

The questions connected to the description of application of radio-electronic systems in the presence of striking actions are considered. The main attention in case of such description is given to three aspects: to conditions of application of radio-electronic systems, their structure and nature of «interaction» of striking system and object of defeat. The description of dynamics of change of statuses of radio-electronic system is this in case of striking actions with use of two models: «striking action – tolerance zone» and «striking action – resistance». The model for an assessment of resistance level of radio-electronic means is given.
Keywords: radio-electronic system, application conditions, striking action, striking factors, resistance, criteria parameters.
Influence of low-energy gamma radiation of isotopes Eu on GaAs

M.S. Ermakov

Influence of gamma radiation on infrared diodes on the basis of gallium arsenide is researched. Current-voltage characteristics of diodes before and after radiation, transformed to dependence of reduced recombination velocity on voltage are received. The comparative analysis of diode energy before and after radiation is carried out. Parameters of local electronic statuses in forbidden band gap are calculated.
Keywords: gallium arsenide, gamma radiation, radiation defects, deep levels, reduced recombination velocity, current-voltage characteristic.
Single events effects in chips of NOR- and NAND-Flash memory

A.I. Ozerov, V.S. Anashin, V.V. Emeliyanov

The method and results of single event effect test of reprogrammable NOR- and NAND-Flash memory chips are presented. The features of single event effects in NOR-Flash and NAND-Flash memories are discussed.
Keywords: single event effect, heavy ion, NOR-Flash, NAND-Flash, charged particle accelerator.
Efficiency of ionization doses at gamma-radiation and heavy charged particles influence on products of electronic technique

A.S. Vatuev, V.V. Emelyanov, A.I. Ozerov, V.S. Anashin

Results of comparative experimental researches of degradation of threshold voltage of p-channel MOS-transistors of different types at gamma radiation of 60Со and ions 22Ne and 136Xe are presented. Based on the experimental data the relative effectiveness ratio of ionization doses for heavy charged particles in relation to gamma radiation 60Со are received.
Keywords: absorbed dose, linear energy transfer, gamma radiation, heavy charged particles, charge output, column recombination, threshold voltage.
Design technique of 8-bit microcontrollers failure tolerance to heavy-charged particles influence

A.I. Yankov, V.A. Smerek, V.P. Kryukov, V.K. Zolnikov, D.M. Utkin

Influence of single failures on operation of digital devices is considered, the generalized reliability criterion for integrated circuits is received. By means of methods of expert analysis, the received criterion is imposed on the specific chips used in practice.
Keywords: CAD system, radiation, chip, heavy charged particles, failure tolerance.
Analysis of conditions and restrictions of use of circuit failure protection of space onboard electronics at influence of space charged particles

V.G. Sirenko, V.Yu. Grishin, N.N. Zubov, N.G. Gamzatov

The failure sensitivity of onboard electronics units of spacecraft at influence of space charged particles with specification of sensitivity criteria, including taking into account their redundancy architecture and with determination of conditions and restrictions of circuit failure protection use is analyzed.
Keywords: onboard equipment, spacecraft, radiation resistance, electronics.
The generator of high-voltage nanosecond pulses for discharger start in Marx generators

A.M. Chlenov, D.M. Ivashchenko, V.V. Kochergin, A.P. Metelev, N.G. Mordasov, A.A. Fedorov

The generator of high-voltage nanosecond pulses intended for synchronous start of single-type gas dischargers in steps of Marx generator is created. The generator includes a source of charge voltage of 0-20 kV, the pulse transformer with pulse amplitude of 100-200 kV and system of generator start, providing stability of its actuation time ±10 nanosecond.
Keywords: generator, pulse transformer, discharger.
Use of upgraded output device with heterogeneous target-converter on accelerator UIN-10

D.M. Ivashchenko, N.G. Mordasov, A.M. Chlenov

Construction and results of use of upgraded output device with heterogeneous target on accelerator UIN-10 are described. Separation of beam current of accelerated electrons from output current of coaxial vacuum line is realized. Energetic pulse characteristics on input in coaxial vacuum line and on input in target-converter, and also an impedance of coaxial vacuum line and vacuum diode are defined.
Keywords: accelerator UIN-10, target unit, bremsstrahlung.
Monitoring of electron spectral-energetic characteristics of high-current pulse accelerators

N.G. Mordasov, D.M. Ivashchenko, A.V. Ponomarev, A.M. Chlenov

The processes responsible for shaping of electron energy spectrum in high-current pulse accelerators of type UIN-10 and LIU-10 are analyzed. It is shown that the instantaneous energy spectrum of electron beam going on converter can be provided by the monoline with a certain approximation. The operational method of energy spectrum determination of electron beam, based on beam current measurements in converter zone and on exposure dose rate directly in radiation zone is offered. The error of electron energy determination is estimated.
Keywords: pulse accelerators, bremsstrahlung, analysis.
Formation of isodose surfaces in bremsstrahlung field of electron accelerator UIN-10

A.P. Metelev, N.G. Mordasov, A.A. Fyodorov, N.I. Filatov

For the electron accelerator UIN-10 is tried out the mode of nanosecond bremsstrahlung pulse shaping, allowing by an order to reduce non-uniformity of bremsstrahlung dose rate in the radiation area. The method of equalizer filters for the given geometry of bremsstrahlung source shaping is experimentally checked.
Keywords: bremsstrahlung, operation mode, tests.
Methodology for measurement of electromagnetic environment in industrial energetic facility on example of NPP unit

O.V. Sarylov, A.A. Sventitsky

The methodology of electromagnetic environment monitoring with reference to real time operating conditions in electric energy object on an example of nuclear power plant unit is described. Examples of noise measurement are given.
Keywords: electromagnetic environment, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning discharges, radio frequency fields, monitoring systems.

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