No. 3, 2015
Research of 65-nanometer CMOS one-port and multiport blocks of static RAM on DICE memory cells to influence of laser radiation pulses

Yu.V. Katunin1, D.V. Savchenkov2, V.Ya. Stenin1,2, P.V. Stepanov1

1Federal scientific center Research institute for system studies of Russian Academy of Science
Russia, Moscow
2National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
Russia, Moscow

The CMOS block RAM cache of 128×32 bits and the block of multiport RAM (the register file) of 32×64 bit on the basis of DICE cells with increased distance between sensitive units are characterized by failure threshold energy of memory cells 3.55-4.05 nJ at influence of laser radiation pulses. These values by 20 times exceed failure thresholds of the block of 65-nanometer CMOS cache and by 3.5 times of the block of multiport 65-nanometer CMOS RAM (the register file) on six-transistor memory cells. In RAM blocks on the basis of DICE cells there are no multiple failures unlike RAM blocks on the basis of six-transistor cells.

Keywords: single failures, DICE memory cells, CMOS RAM, multiport RAM, laser radiation pulse, failure threshold energy.
Influence of gamma radiation on characteristics of powerful MOS transistors

Yu.V. Bogatyrev1, S.B. Lastovskiy1, S.V. Shvedov2, S.A. Soroka2, O.N. Kholod1

1SSPA «Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus»
Belarus, Minsk
2JSC «Integral»
Belarus, Minsk

Results of experimental researches of radiation resistance of powerful n-channel MOS transistors IFP50N06at at gamma radiation So60 influence are presented.

Keywords: powerful MOS transistors, gamma radiation, radiation resistance, electric mode.
Parameter change of complementary bipolar transistors at ionizing radiation influence

O.V. Dvornikov1, V.A. Chekhovskiy2, V.L. Dyatlov1, Yu.V. Bogatyrev3, S.B. Lastovskiy3

Belarus, Minsk
2National scientific and training center of particle and high energy physics of Belarusian State University
Belarus, Minsk
3SSPA «Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus»
Belarus, Minsk

Influence of electrons with energy of 4 MeV and gamma radiations Co60 on characteristics of complementary bipolar transistors is researched. It is established that influence of electron fluence FE = 3·1014 cm-2 causes recession of the maximum of current transfer coefficient β of n-p-n-transistors for 50 %, p-n-p – for 65 %, reduction of the maximum of cutoff frequency fT of n-p-n-transistors for 12 %, p-n-p – for 4 %. At absorbed dose of gamma radiation DG = 3 Mrad is recorded reduction β 35 % for n-p-n-transistors, 53 % for p-n-p, fT –10 % for n-p-n, 11 % for p-n-p.

Keywords: analog integrated circuits, complementary bipolar transistors, radiation resistance.
Research of possibility of creation of gamma thickness measurement bench for calculation of local radiation dose in onboard equipment of spacecrafts

S.V. Khorkin, S.A. Sobolev

JSC «Kometa Corporation»
Russia, Moscow

The problem of resistance of onboard equipment of spacecrafts by means of existing element base can be solved by specification of local doses for separate electronic products, by use of incremental linking of onboard equipment and by installation of local additional protection. As the mass of spacecraft is critical, the additional protection of devices has to be optimum. Therefore, the accuracy of calculation of absorbed doses is of great importance. In this article the project of the bench for their measurement and creation of geometrical model of blocks for use in calculation programs of local radiation dose is offered.

Keywords: spacecraft, geometrical model, bench, onboard equipment.
Mathematical simulation of bipolar transistor and the circuit on its basis at neutron radiation influence

A.S. Averyaskin, A.V. Khananova

FSUE «Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics»
Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Snezhinsk

The developed model of the bipolar silicon epitaxial and planar n-p-n-transistor based on its equivalent circuit allowing to consider the change of transistor parameters during neutron radiation is presented. The simulation of operation of inverter circuit based on this transistor at neutron radiation are also resulted.

Keywords: bipolar transistor, neutron radiation, mathematical model, radiation effects.
C-elements based on DICE cell as elements of failure tolerance self-timed circuits

I.A. Danilov, A.I. Shnaider, A.O. Balbekov, Yu.B. Rogatkin

Federal scientific center Research institute for system studies of Russian Academy of Science
Russia, Moscow

Questions of element base creation for computer-aided design of asynchronous and self-synchronous on circuits on the example of development of C-elements, important for this device class, are considered. Three options of failure tolerance implementation of C-element based on DICE cell are offered.

Keywords: C-elements, asynchronous circuits, self-timed circuits, failure tolerance, single nuclear particles, DICE, computer-aided design.
Radiation action on current-voltage characteristics of power semiconductor devices based on silicon

S.I. Matyukhin1, V.O. Turin1, A.V. Stavtsev2, D.O. Malyi1, A.A. Pisarev1, D.A. Titushkin1

1State University ESPC
Russia, Orel,
2ZAO «Proton-Elektroteks»
Russia, Orel

Results of theoretical research of influence of cumulative dose on current-voltage characteristics of power semiconductor devices based on silicon are presented. It is shown that unlike low-power devices at which the radiation leads to falling of threshold voltage and building up of differential resistance, the threshold voltage of power devices under the radiation influence, as a rule, grows, and differential resistance practically doesn´t change.

Keywords: mathematical simulation, semiconductor devices, current-voltage characteristic, radiation influence.
Calculation of current generation and efficiency of structures of beta voltaic elements based on nickel-63 source

Yu.S. Nagornov1, V.N. Murashev2, A.A. Krasnov2

1Togliatti State University
Russia, Togliatti
2National University of Science and Technology MISiS
Russia, Moscow

The theoretical assessment of the efficiency of electric power sources based on various structures of beta voltaic elements with Ni-63 isotope is given. For estimating the model of carrier generation of space charge and the results of numerical solution of continuity equations and expression for current density are used. Three structures are consider: a structure with thin base to a thickness of 10-15 μm, the depth structure with slits 100 μm, with p-n-junction on the walls, and double-sided structure with two p-n-junctions and additional metal-oxide-semiconductor junction. Calculations showed that the last structure was the most effective with an efficiency of 2.4 % and specific current per unit volume of 0.5 mA/cm3.

Keywords: beta voltaic effect, semiconductor structures, efficiency, nickel-63, modeling of current generation, calculation of efficiency.
Influence of dose rate and energy ionizing radiation on long-term degradation electrical parameters of silicon integrated circuits

N.N. Panyushkin

Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies
Russia, Voronezh

Results of analysis of influence of dose rate and ionizing radiation energy on dose sensitivity of electrical parameters of silicon integrated circuits in temperature operating range are presented. The equivalence of gamma and X-ray radiation on dose effects are estimated.

Keywords: dose rate, energy ionizing irradiations, temperature, integrated circuit, bipolar transistor, MOS transistor.
Comparison diffusion and epitaxial methods of radiation-resistant structures of power semiconductor devices

V.N. Lozovskiy, V.P. Popov, B.M. Seredin

South-Russian state Polytechnic University (NPI)
Russia, Novocherkassk

It is shown that the power semiconductor devices made by thermomigration method are more resistant to radiation influence in comparison with diffusion analogs. It is found out that this result is connected with two factors. First, the thermomigration method allows to optimize thickness of a basic layer of the device, secondly, to receive sharper distribution of doping impurity in the emitter.

Keywords: power semiconductor device, radiation resistance, silicon, p-n-transition, diffusion, thermo-migration.
The test bench for research of electro physical parameters of sensitive elements of diamond sensors of ionizing radiation

A.A. Altukhov, V.A. Kolyubin, S.A. L´vov, M.G. Sitnikov

JSC «Industrial-Technological Center «UralAlmazInvest»
Russia, Moscow

The test bench for measurement of charge carrier mobility and recombination time in diamond sensors of ionizing radiation is developed. The researches of these parameters in a diamond monocrystal plate of electronic quality (scCVD) with thickness 300 microns allowed to estimate recombination time.

Keywords: diamond sensor, charge carrier mobility.
Influence of spatial charge on operation of diamond sensors of ionizing radiation in spectrometer mode

A.A. Altukhov, V.A. Kolyubin, S.A. L´vov, M.G. Sitnikov

JSC «Industrial-Technological Center «UralAlmazInvest»
Russia, Moscow

The processes influencing on charge collection in diamond spectrometer sensor of ionizing radiation are experimental researched. It is shown that features of device operation at high loading can be explained with accumulation of electric charge in sensor material. The size of this charge for scCVD plate of 3×3 mm2 and 300 microns thick is estimated.

Keywords: diamond sensor, charge collecting efficiency.
Comparative assessment of probability of non-failure operation of TMR and DICE flip-flops

D.A. Lebedev1, A.A. Krasnyuk1,2

1Federal scientific center Research institute for system studies of Russian Academy of Science
Russia, Moscow
2National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
Russia, Moscow

The parametrical analysis based on an estimation method of probability of non-failure operation of redundant trigger elements of memory is considered. Ratios and results of calculation are given. Problems of a choice of optimum structural decisions which provide the best resistance and failure tolerance of microprocessors at the maximum speed, performance and the minimum technological, topological and constructive expenses demand the preliminary comparative analysis of different circuitry and functional decisions when developing redundant microprocessors. It is shown that the failure tolerance of basic flip-flops has the defining meaning for indicators of non-failure operation of memory cells for redundant circuits.

Keywords: redundancy, single event effects, flip-flop, memory cells, simulation, failure tolerance, triple redundancy.
Noiseproof automated control system and control by the small-sized pulse accelerators

A.V. Rodigin, V.A. Pikar´, S.L. El´yash

FSUE «RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics»
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, Sarov

The automated monitoring and control system by small-sized pulse accelerators type ARSA is developed. This system provides operation of small-sized pulse accelerators in the mode of dose set and in single mode, monitoring of accelerator operation, documenting of test process. The automated monitoring and control system is high noise-immunity thanks to a full fiber-optical coupler.

Keywords: automated system, accelerator, monitor-dosimeter, noise immunity, electromagnetic compatibility.
Metrological certification of accelerator ARSA in electron mode

N.I. Terent´ev, A.V. Bodrova

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Russia, Moscow region, Lytkarino

The ARSA accelerator is metrological certified in electron mode for examination of sensitivity of integrated microcircuits to the thyristor effect. An absorbed dose per pulse and diameter of electronic beam at a distance of 1 cm from the tube are measured. All the parameters correspond to the documentation. The mean energy reached 0.4 MeV. The dependences of absorbed dose on a distance from the tube and on a beam cross-section are determined. An angle of emitted radiation from the axis is 110. The stability of accelerator parameters by mean square deviation is measured.

Keywords: accelerator of electrons ARSA, metrological certification, absorbed dose, radiation energy, stability of parameters.
Metrological certification and experimental using of technique М 193 at accelerator RIUS-5

N.I. Terent´ev, V.V. Kazakov, Yu.S. Loyko

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Russia, Moscow region, Lytkarino

A metrological certification of detectors of technique М 193 is successfully complete. Ranges of technique application on accelerator RIUS-5 for dose rate from 2·106 to 4·1010 R/с and for dose from 30 mR to 800 R per pulse are received. It is established that the technique М 193 corresponds to documentation requirement. The total error of the maximum dose rate measurement is less than 30 %. An experimental using of technique М 193 on accelerator RIUS-5 is begun. Mean maximum dose rate near target is about 10 % more, than at the control point using effective pulse duration.

Keywords: technique М 193, metrological certification, exposure dose rate, accelerator of electrons, experimental using.

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